React GraphQL APP

Simple Danske Bank style Web APP with input validation and GraphQL service from backend

React Libraries

using following llibraries:

  • @material-ui – As a main grid styling framework and adapting styles to Danske Bank
  • react-hook-form – for form validation
  • jest – for testing

GraphQL libraries

  • node – for building server
  • express – node framework for building server
  • express-graphql – GraphQL HTTP Server Middleware
  • graphql – query language
  • mongodb – MongoDB driver for Node.js
  • mongodb-memory-server – MongoDB database in memory




.NET Core / C# projects

  1. PushNotificationFirebase – .NET connected with firebase Realtime DB
  2. Swagger UI interface – very simple weatherForecast .NET and swagger API example to GET HTTP method
  3. dotNetSwaggerFullAPI – full employee GET/POST/PUT/DELETE HTTP methods API with swagger in .net
  4. operators_nd_values – play with arithmetic, comparision, logical, ternary operators, switch case, loop patterns, formatting numeric types, Enum’s and structs
  5. NetcoreMVcLogging – applied logging of each page to default MVC bootstrap template by using Serilog nuget extension
  6. XMLWebAPI – very simple XML Web API
  7. dotNetCoreWebAppMiddleware – custom middleware to intercept into opening pages and invoking info from response objects
  8. Sitemap – generating sitemap.xml with links when visiting index page. sitemap is visible in https://localhost:XXXX/sitemap.xml
  9. dotNetCoreClassLibrary – builded .NET Standard class library and intercepted into Program.cs
  10. NetCoreWebApi – trying to connect swagger API with SQL express database
  11. TodoApi – swagger with fully working GET/POST/PUT/DELETE methods, response code definitions, using in memory database with entity framework and integrated Serilog by saving each HTTP request into txt file
  12. CoreCodeCamp – not working, by pluralsight tutorial
  13. RazorPagesMovies – Razor pages with local DB, CRUD actions working
  14. dotNetWrittingCorrectly – good practise by writing .net with throw/catch and some tips and tricks
  15. ExtensionMethods – using extensions methods in static classes

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Angular workout


React mini projects

Airsoft news, events and advertisment portal used for Lithuania airsoft community.


  • Create upcoming events
  • Create advertisment for selling airsoft stuff
  • Post Facebook social page
  • Login/Register as user and/or as organisator

Technologies: Fat free Framework (PHP framework)