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delete all local branches except important ones
Tags: git delete local branches, remove local branches, remove branch from local, delete branches from local
Split by new line and remove empty lines
Tags: split new line, split by new line, split, new line, expode new line
git rebase commands
Tags: git rebase, git rebase commands, rebase commands
resolve conflicts continue
Tags: git rebase continue, rebase continue, git continue, git rebase
acf-json different path of folder
Tags: acf-json different path, acf-json directory different path, acf-json
Parent theme file path
Tags: parent theme file path, parent file,, parent file path
Stop npm
Tags: stop node, kill node
assign branch form another branch
Tags: git assign from another branch, git assign branch, git assign branch to another branch
allow unrelated changes
Tags: git alloq changes, git allow unrelated changes
show public key
Tags: show public key, git show key, git key
delete branch locally and remotedly
Tags: delete branch locally, delete branch, delete branch remote, delete local, delete remote, branch delete
Syntethic events
Tags: event, onclick, oncontextmenu, event handling
Rename branch localy
Tags: rename branch, git rename, git rename branch locally, git branch rename
Update package to exact version
Tags: update package to a specific version, package update, npm package specific update
Check oputdated packages
Tags: npm outdated, npm old packaghes, npm update packages, npm show old packages
multiple git accounts
Tags: multiple git accounts, multiple git, git, git multiple, multiple accounts
Change commit message
Tags: Change commit message, commit message, amend commit message
list local branches and show information about remote branches
Tags: gone, list local branches, show rmeote gone branches, git remote local
refresh git chache after .gitignore update
Tags: reset git chache, git cache reset, refesh gitignore
sort multi-dimensional array
Tags: multi dimensional array, sort array, multi sort array