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Go back to the previous commit
Tags: git hard, git reset, previous commit
allow alpha-numeric values
Tags: regex, alpha numeric, regex numerix, regex alpha
Clear cache
Tags: npm clear cahce, clear cache, npm force
Stash commands
Tags: git stash commands, git stash, git stash changes
filter all values from multidimensional array based on key
Tags: filter from array, array filter, filter, array filter map
Remove file from previous commit
Tags: remove file form gommit, remove file., git remove file, git remove
Rename last commits authors
Tags: rename author, rename authors, rename existing commit
Remove last commit from branch
Tags: remove last commit, last commit, delete commit, remove commit
Select databases
Tags: show database, use database, select database
Show database users
Tags: database users, show users
GIT untrack files
Tags: git untrack file.git untrack
Enable SVG file upload
Tags: enable SVG upload, svg upload WP, wordpress enable SVG
Delete all local branches that are already merged into master
Tags: deleter all local branches, align local branches with remote, git branch, git branches
Delete local branches
Tags: delete local branch, git local branch, local branch remote branch
check if URL contain hash
Tags: link contain hash, link contain tag, link href hash, link tag contain
show link by page id
Tags: page id, show page link, page link by id, page link
Order post by custom value
Tags: order post, order by custom value, order by custom, order posts, wp query order
delete all local branches except important ones
Tags: git delete local branches, remove local branches, remove branch from local, delete branches from local
Split by new line and remove empty lines
Tags: split new line, split by new line, split, new line, expode new line
git rebase commands
Tags: git rebase, git rebase commands, rebase commands