Javascript Code snippets

filter all values from multidimensional array based on key
Tags: filter from array, array filter, filter, array filter map
check if URL contain hash
Tags: link contain hash, link contain tag, link href hash, link tag contain
Syntethic events
Tags: event, onclick, oncontextmenu, event handling
Get values from array based on key
Tags: get values from array, get val, array
get random from array
Tags: javascript rand, javascript random
Sorting array based on elements inside of it
Tags: ibm bpm, sorting array, sorting, array
Auto-expand textarea based on text amount in it
Tags: autoexpand, javascript, textarea
Is defined
Tags: javascript, js, ifdefined
Filter by multiple conditions
Tags: javascript, comapre, compare multiple
compare two dates
Tags: javascript,compare two dates
Assign time to date
Tags: js, javascript, time, set time