PHP Code snippets

sort multi-dimensional array
Tags: multi dimensional array, sort array, multi sort array
If string contain
Tags: php, string contain, if string contain
Search in array for string
Tags: php array, php search in array, php in array
Check if File Exists
Tags: php, file exist, php check file, file exist
Detect Mobile Device
Tags: php, mobile, is mobile, detect mobile
Full URL
Tags: php, full link, absolute url, full url, absolute link
Display the Scripts Execution Time
Tags: php, microtime, execution time
Send mail
Tags: php, send, mail, send mail
Tags: php, curl, fetch, get content
get client IP address
Tags: php, client ip, ip address
Working with array
Tags: php, array, handling, insert, remove, unset, reindex, reverse, merge, sort, check if exist, count, convert