GIT Code snippets

Go back to the previous commit
Tags: git hard, git reset, previous commit
Stash commands
Tags: git stash commands, git stash, git stash changes
Remove file from previous commit
Tags: remove file form gommit, remove file., git remove file, git remove
Rename last commits authors
Tags: rename author, rename authors, rename existing commit
Remove last commit from branch
Tags: remove last commit, last commit, delete commit, remove commit
GIT untrack files
Tags: git untrack file.git untrack
Delete all local branches that are already merged into master
Tags: deleter all local branches, align local branches with remote, git branch, git branches
Delete local branches
Tags: delete local branch, git local branch, local branch remote branch
git rebase commands
Tags: git rebase, git rebase commands, rebase commands
resolve conflicts continue
Tags: git rebase continue, rebase continue, git continue, git rebase
assign branch form another branch
Tags: git assign from another branch, git assign branch, git assign branch to another branch
allow unrelated changes
Tags: git alloq changes, git allow unrelated changes
show public key
Tags: show public key, git show key, git key
delete branch locally and remotedly
Tags: delete branch locally, delete branch, delete branch remote, delete local, delete remote, branch delete
Rename branch localy
Tags: rename branch, git rename, git rename branch locally, git branch rename
multiple git accounts
Tags: multiple git accounts, multiple git, git, git multiple, multiple accounts
Change commit message
Tags: Change commit message, commit message, amend commit message
refresh git chache after .gitignore update
Tags: reset git chache, git cache reset, refesh gitignore
create & checkout to remote branch
Tags: git checkout remote branch, rmeote branch, checkout
show remote branches
Tags: git list rmeote branches, remote branch, list remote branches
undo 'git add' before commit
Tags: git undo, git reset, git reset commit
Remove files after they are committed
Tags: git, rmeove files, --cached
Undo changes
Tags: git, undo change, undo
Branch managing (branching)
Tags: git, branch, branching